Hikvision Switvh DS-3E0105P-E/M سوییچ شبکه مدل DS-3E0105P-E/M هایکویژن

مشاهده جدول مشخصات

  • Intelligent PoE Management. When the power supply exceeds the limit, PoE ports intelligently manage the power supply, which extends the switch lifetime.
  • Up to 300 m Long Range PoE Transmission. The distance between IPCs and switch can reach maximum 300 meters.
  • 4/8-Core Adaptive Power Supply with Less Power Loss. 8-core power supply reduces the power loss on cables.
  • 6KV Surge Protection to Improve Reliability in Harsh Environment. The built-in surge protection device protects the switch from the sudden lightning surge in harsh environment.
  • Design for Video Transmission. VIP port ensures important data transmission when network congestion occurs.


سوییچ شبکه مدل DS-3E0105P-E/M هایکویژن

سوییچ شبکه 4 پورت POE و دارای 1 پورت UP-Link.

توضیحات تکمیلی

تعداد پورت

5 پورت

پورت POE

4 پورت

متراژ انتقال

300 متر

امتیاز و نظر کاربران

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سوییچ شبکه مدل DS-3E0105P-E/M هایکویژن
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