professional study of Dahua network switch

professional study of Dahua network switch

Dahua action in producing network switch (POE, LEVEL2, and LEVEL3) is really admirable. Dahua produce all these switches RACK MOUNT, this is very important because all the switches in Iran are desktop and have plastic body, and therefor they are very week for long term work and life span.

POE switches can generally be divided into 2 or 3 categories:

External power switches

Internal power switches

The switches that have internal power switches divided to 2 categories:

Switches with SFP port

Switches without SFP port

The number of SFP port in 4-channel and 8-channel switches is 1. POE switches are 4,8,16 and 24 ports.

Switches 4 are available with 58 watts, 60 watts and 120 watts.

8 port switches have 96 watts power

The 24-port POE switches are available with 240 watts and 360 watts.

Dahua’s POE has been designed on AT and AF standards (POE PLUS- POE) and a few models are HI-POE.

Dahua produce POE EXTENDAR and POEMIDSPAN too.

In the simple experiment Dahua’s switch with the weakest cable available gave a helpful response up to 98 meters, from this experiment we realize that RACK MOUNT switches (8 ports, 16 ports, 24 ports) have high capacity and they can compete with similar products with costly and well-known brands.

At the end, our suggestion to all the partners is using Dahua switches in different projects because they have longer warranty and higher quality, comparing to other brands in the market, that way they can introduced all Dahua projects to their customers.

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professional study of Dahua network switch
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