professional study for camera IPC-k35ap

professional study for camera IPC-k35ap

this camera is from consumer series, which can be connected to modem singly and with the help of EASY 4 IP software the images can be seen on a smart phone. This model is one of the most commonly used camera in the house. The reason which makes this model an intelligently choice for house is because when residents are away (travel, work, party…) this camera will send images from office or house to smart phone of the person.

Specifications and capabilities of this model are mentioned below:

  • It has an input port of SD card up to 128 Gigabytes, which is capable of capturing images on it.
  • It has 3 Megapixel Resolution )pixel density of camera is 1926*2034)
  • 264 compression, which in addition to occupy a very low volume, is very suitable for image transfer.
  • It has 10 meter, and the usage of PIR sensor, is for the time when someone is facing the camera, in which case the camera start recording and sending alarms depending on a new location.
  • This camera has 2.8 mm lens, and if this camera installed any corner of the room, it gives the overview of the whole room.
  • This camera has the ability of getting power from the POE (it has a POE PORT) and 12v adapter, but it should be noticed that there is no adapter in the box , so when the camera is purchased the POE adapter or 12v adapter must be buy separately.
  • For installation the brochure and the stand are available in the box.
  • This camera is ONVIF and can be connected to NVR.
  • The input and output of speaker and microphone is factory fitted and it is suitable for those, who need double sided audio.
  • This camera has input and output of alarm, which by the help of it roadblock, windows shade and … can be on and off or open and close.

The last point is that for this system during the work, single relay board is needed.

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professional study for camera IPC-k35ap
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