comparing the differences of 2 megapixel dahua

comparing the differences of 2 megapixel dahua

Dahua Company divided its products in to 3 series




Lite Series

In this series 2 megapixel cameras are shown with 1200/1220 pre code. High consumption models in Iran are: HDW1200EMPA / 1220EMPA / 1200DP / 1220DP.

The higher models are pro-series, the 2220/2221 series which include the models 2221DP/ 2220RPZ are highly consumable in Iran.

The Lite series which include the models 1200/1220, has a major difference on the chipset, which include these models: chipset 1200, optina and chipset model chipset1200 is SonyIMX323.these 2 models have not a basic difference, except the Sony will not have dropped quality, but optina may have dropped quality. When Sony’s factory presented the IMX322 to Dahua, meanwhile was working on 2220 model. Recently Sony factory do not produce IMX322 and only produce IMX323. Dahua is costumer of this product (IMX323).

Since 2017, 2220 cameras are no longer produced by Dahua, and the only products which are available in market are stock (Iran- China-UAE), and will finish soon, they are going to replace by 1220 camera which will be available with lower price.

In pro series only 1080P and WDR are produced 2 megapixel which all have Sony sensor. The 2220’s models are not in the PRO series and all come with WDR and WDR120Db. In the Lite series, the factory itself produce (2MP) under the name of 1080P or 2 megapixel, but in Pro series it produce under the name of 2.1 megapixel. The production of IMX323 which produced 2.4 megapixels unfortunately stopped because of some personal reason that Sony had.

In Ultra series, use Sony starlight, either 3DNR or 120WDR Db. These Ultra series are night series, and they have Sony starlight chipset therefore they give colorful IR and unlike all the models that are named before they produce color pulses.

Basically Dahua places low IR cameras like (1200SP/1200EMP.1200BP) in lite series which are suitable for shops and homes. The Pro series have stronger IR, they have varifocal lenses and presence of WDR eliminate extra light of cars, neon lamps and ….the starlight series have industrial uses and are very important, because they have ability to recognize faces in dark nights. This series has the highest quality and highest images at night, they have motorized lens and strong WDR, and sometimes they have heater in their body. Other abilities in this series are having 2.7-12 lenses and high zoom power. The IR distance is up to 100 meters in Ultra series, which is powered by starlight sensors.

It is our suggestion for other colleagues to use light series by pre- code 1200/1220 for shops, residential, offices. For yards, houses, factories, workshops use Pro- series with pre-code 2220/2221. Use Ultra series for more industrial projects, military, enforcement and out of banks.

The last suggestion for buying devices are listed below:

  • For Lite use 4, 5 series.
  • For Pro use 5 upwards series.
  • For Ultra use 7, 8 series.

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comparing the differences of 2 megapixel dahua
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